A more comprehensive restoration service which also includes repair over larger spots and scratches, repair of more extensive creasing (excluding facial features), tears and ragged or missing corners in more complex visual areas.

Repairing extensive damaged areas on simple background -

General wear and tear can "scuff" the surface of photographic prints.

As long as this hasn't extended over complex areas like facial features, the damage can be repaired without too much trouble.

In this example the background was badly affected, but some sympathetic restoration has made a huge difference. A few stains over the dress have also been removed to clean this image up.

View enlarged detail here

Repairs to the subject outside of facial features -

This photo has obviously been loved very much.

Fortunately the facial features are pretty much intact, but the hair and background have some heavy creasing.

The creases on the background were restored relatively easily, but a little more time and patience were needed to replace the corners and to restore the hair to look natural.

The result is a fantastic portrait of a beautiful woman without any distractions.

Multiple repairs on less complex areas -

Here there were many areas needing attention.

It was the number of areas and the various levels of detail which made this take up a lot of time, putting it into the "Advanced/Expert" restoration category.

A lot of detail had to be repaired, especially on the man's right arm where it was important to get the end result looking like the natural folds of the cloth.

We realise that these details would not be obvious to our customers, which is why we use the free quotation system for fairness all round.

Repairing of extensive small scratches -

From a distance there's hardly any damage here.

It's only when you get up close that you can see the dozens of tiny scratches over the subject. These each took a little bit of time which then added up to bring this restoration to "Advanced" level.

It's such a beautiful portrait, it was well worth restoring it properly.

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