The most comprehensive restoration service which also includes complex manipulations of photographs, including "rebuilding" missing parts, changing backgrounds, adding or removing people/objects, refitting pieces of torn photograph together.

Repairing damage to facial features -

This is a tricky operation.

Our facial features are largely what makes us recognisable to each other, and as such we are very sensitive to "tampering" with such familiar features.

That makes facial reconstructions difficult. We need to repair damage very carefully to ensure we don't change the fundemental shape of any features, as well as keeping the texture looking natural.

In this case, the most difficult part was repairing the creasing over the baby's left cheek because of the super-smooth texture of the baby's skin. We've done this many times, of course, so we know beforehand what is and isn't going to be possible to fix satisfactorily.

View enlarged detail here

Invisible mending -

It's not a disaster if a photograph gets torn.

Just give us all the pieces of the jigsaw.

Often, the edges of the paper can be very carefully and precisely put back together digitally and then repaired so that you would never know it had ever been damaged.

It takes a little time, but is infinitely better than sticky tape! And even if it HAS been "mended" in the past with yellowing sticky tape, we can get rid of that too.

Removing people or objects -

Sometimes you wish you'd taken that extra picture.

It's so easy at special occasions to forget to take one specific shot. Or maybe you just want someone without the distracting background.

Whatever the reason, it's all possible.

Manipulating images is remarkably versatile, so just Email or call to ask us for what you'd like.

Rebuilding corners -

This is a real one-off.

This is the only copy that the owner had of the original photograph - a copy of a porcelain plate that the image had been printed on.

Of course, in the process of printing on to a round plate, the corners had been lost. We carefully reconstructed the corners to continue as realistically as possible from the background that was there.

Fixing "fogged" film prints -

Another common problem with film negatives.

Many people have made the mistake of opening the back of a film camera while the film is still in it. The result is "fogged" film where too much light hits it.

Before digital imaging, there wasn't much you could do about that. Luckily, a bit of digital TLC can now bring some of the damaged parts back.

This was a treasured memory of a happy family day out , which we were delighted to restore.

"Inventing" missing pieces -

Artistic license is alive and well.

With a bit of lateral thinking, we managed to find a photographic match in style for this gentleman's pith helmet.

From that, we adapted the missing piece to add seamlessly to the original.

Added to repairing the creases, this took a lot of work, but we were delighted with the end result.

The dog looks pretty happy too.

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