We take the original image, whether it's a digital file (a computer file ending in something like "jpg" for example) or a photographic print, transparency slide or film negative. Non-digital originals are scanned harmlessly to provide a computer copy. This copy is then corrected for colour, contrast and brightness before being enhanced by any further requested repairs and changes.

Once we're satisfied with the quality, the final image can be sent as a computer file by E-mail, on a CD or printed as a photograph using high quality archivally tested paper and inks. We always keep a copy here as well, so further copies or different sizes can always be ordered later.

The charges for our work are dependant mainly on the time we spend on your particular image. Every one is different, so we've found it the only really fair way to do things. Because you'll want to know the cost before you agree to go ahead with any work, we're happy to provide free quotes for individual images. We're a small company, so we're able to spend time discussing the best options with you for a really personal service.

If you want to put your new print into a particular size of frame, we can advise on how to fit your image to standard frame sizes and shapes, and in particular we can cut bespoke mounts. Mounts are card "edges" which are placed between the image and the frame. These are very useful if your image needs to be adapted in proportions to fit a standard frame.

We have years of experience, so don't be shy about asking for something you might think unusual or difficult. We can usually give you a pretty fast answer about whether things are possible, and we love people with imagination!

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