Sandra Fleming has many years of experience in photography and digital imaging since completing a degree in Photography at Napier University , Edinburgh in 1992. This knowledge and experience in the qualities of traditional film, cameras and chemical processing make a real difference to the visual authenticity of our results.

Completing her degree at a pivotal period during the crossover of traditional film and digital photography has given Sandra a unique perspective. Vintage photographic equipment and processes gave recognisably different images from that achievable today. Using knowledge of how historic cameras worked and the results they were capable of at different periods benefits our final digital images. They're treated sympathetically to their particular history which results in the most authentic restorations possible.

At Naked Eye we strive for the best possible quality in our restoration service.We think it's important that work is carried out to the best standard, since if your photograph is worth restoring then we know it means a lot to you. While your photo is with us, it is treated with the utmost care, and we aim to do your work as quickly as possible (usually within a few days) while maintaining those high standards.

We provide a friendly personal service, where you discuss your needs with the person who actually completes the work. This way you get exactly what you want, and we may even be able to suggest better alternatives that you may not have been aware of, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your queries. Naturally, advice is free and without obligation!

Established in 1998, we are now based just off the High Street in South Queensferry - a lovely, picturesque, small town just to the north-west of Edinburgh and between the south ends of the Forth Road and Rail Bridges. Visitors are welcome, so long as you phone to arrange your personal appointment with us first!(0131 331 3189 or 07921 153687)

Queensferry also has many cafes, restaurants and pubs, some lovely little shops and even a Luca's ice cream parlour if you want to spend a little more time here.

NAKED EYE - AS SEEN ON TV (14.01.01)

In 2001, Naked Eye was asked to appear on national television. Channel 4 featured the work of Naked Eye's Sandra Fleming to show some of the potential of digital imaging as part of their introductory programme for a photography event entitled YR.1. Sandra and some of her previous clients were included in a piece showing some of her work (see below), and some of the background stories connected with it, on the hour-long programme. This couple had a lovely photograph from their wedding with a relative, but had always wanted one on their own as well. before and after person removed

"Illuminations Television, who produced the programmes for Channel 4, asked if they could come and film me at work and I was delighted to help them out. It's often difficult for me to explain in words what I do, but much easier to demonstrate. I hope it gave people an insight into digital imaging and encouraged them to try it for themselves. There are inexpensive software packages around now which are fun as well as useful to use. I love to see how others create their own interpretation of the world. You don't need an expensive camera for that - just a bit of original thought."

YR.1 was "an enquiry into what photography is, and might be, in the digital age", through a huge photographic competition. It brought together the work of both professional and amateur photographers in "a quest to find the defining image of Britain in "Year 1" of the new millennium". For my part, I wanted to show that it's no longer the case that "the camera never lies".

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